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Proudly present to you our COLLAGEN special
All the collagen you need..

All collagen mask can be use for 2 - 3times!!

Collagen Eye Mask ($3.5 per pair)

Description: Has 3-in-1 effects of reducing eye bags, dark eye circles and wrinkles!
Main Ingredients: 膠原蛋白、左旋C、透明質酸、甘草酸、水解粘多醣
After being out in the sun, your skin will lose some nutrients especially collagen. When you get tanned, you still can revert to being fair but once you lose collagen, this is irreversible. If you don’t replenish in time, your skin will get damaged and age without you knowing. Beauty professionals warned that the greatest enemy for our skin is not age but the day-to-day harsh environmental elements.

Product has 100% natural collagen, Vitamin B5 and this helps in moisturising and promoting circulation. Causes the cell growth factor VA and VE to quickly be absorbed into the skin and reactivate the dormant cells. This helps to rejuvenate the eye area, stimulate the metabolism and improve how your eyes look.
Use twice a week. Massage the remaining essence into the skin near your eye after removed.

Crystal Collagen Lip Mask ($3.50)

Selling for $12 per pair in beauty salons!!

Main Ingredients: Collagen, Amino Acid, Natural Fruit Acids, Vitamin E, Glycerine.

Main Uses: For cracked/dry lips. Helps rejuvenate and keeps lips moisturised. Can be used even if you don't have dry lips. Gives your lips a plumping glistening effect with the added moisture.

How to use: Just place the mask on the lips for 20 - 30 mins. Use 2 - 3 times a week. Can be used everyday if desired.

Crystal Collagen Face Mask($5)

Our skin is make up of 75%collagen. Under exposure to sunlight, we lose collagen everyday causing skin problems like 缺水,油多,毛孔粗.

The mask help to moisturize, whiten & replenish the lost Collagen, restores A Feeling of Suppleness And Smoothness.

This mask is effective in instant whitening, high performance moisturizing, firming up the pores, replenishing lost collagen and giving your skin an immediate soft and moisturized appearance with elasticity functions at the same time. It can even relieve and moderate sunburns caused by the sunbathing. Complete and intensive facial care in a single mask!!

Unlike regular fabric/paper mask, this is made of a special silicon gel that sticks to your face completely and enhances absorption of key ingredients, the amount of nutrients and moisture it offers is 10 times more than a ordinary facial mask.

Can use the excess for dry areas or joints.

Special Recommendations:Use the product every 2-3 days initially. After using 7 pieces to bring the skin to the best condition, use the product once or twice a week for maintenance of your smooth, bright and moisturized skin.

How to use:
1. Clean and dry face th.
2. After opening the foil package, peel off the plastic liner.
3. Smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with skin.
4. Wear the facial mask for about 30-45 minutes
5. Remove the facial mask gently from bottom. Do not reuse the mask.

Stop using the products if you feel discomfort.
For external use only.

Crystal Collagen Breast Mask($5 per pair)

The effect of collagen mask is highly recognized by many users, and they have introduced a new product, the Crystal Collagen Breast Mask!!

The breast mask improves firmness of breast tissues and elasticity of breast skin, giving the breast better supports and skin smoothness

Main Ingredients: Collagen, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Sodium PCA PCA, Lavender Essential Oil and Puerarian.

The mask is made of a special silicon gel that sticks well to the skin to enhance absorption of nutrients.

How to use:
1.Use after bathing.
2. Smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with skin.
3. Wear the mask for about 20-30 minutes
4. After removing, massage with the remaining essence
5. Use twice or three times a week.
6. Do some Breast enlargement exercise.

Do not use during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, or if you have been diagnosed with medical conditions of the ovaries, uterus, or breast.

Colour: pink, orange and blue
Super absorbent towel for your HAIR! You'll never need to blow dry your hair again as it's really damaging to keep having to blow dry your hair all the time!

SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Mineral Mud Blackhead Removal Mask

*Some spree-ers have came back to buy more cos it's good!

Shiseido’s latest skin care technology development, the SHISEIDO Vital Perfection Mineral Mud Blackhead Removal Mask is highly effective at reducing and removing black heads. At the same time, it tightens the skin and reducing enlarged pore size . It is easily absorbed into the skin and quickly removes black heads, resulting in clean, clear, and revitalized skin.

Instructions: After cleansing, gently spread and apply evenly over cleansed, dry face, avoiding the eyes, lips, and eye brows. After the mask has dried (approx 30mins), peel off from the outer edges upwards towards the centre gently. Then apply your usual toner and moisturiser. Can be used on the whole face or on the nose area only. 2 – 3 times a week.

Volume: 12 ml (if used on the nose only,can use about 3times)
Made in

Tooth whiten ampoule ($5 )

~~~Before and After~~

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Keeps your smile white, Instantly erases food & drink stains before they set, Polishes teeth, leaving them shiny and white, Promotes good oral hygiene.

Use by many actress in USA...
This proprietary teeth whitening ampoule technology and advanced formula is the most effective, simple, hygienic, truly on-the-go, convenient way to whiten your teeth - no fuss, no mess. Proven not to damage tooth enamel.

How it Works
Stored in a vacuum-sealed glass ampule. 6% hydrogen peroxide, the highest concentration available over the counter. While the amount of whitening is strong enough to be effective, it is formulated safe enough for everyday use.

Only takes you 1-2 minutes to apply. Just brush it onto the surface of your teeth. The hydrogen peroxide polymer gel keeps the whitening formula working on the surface of the teeth for 15-20 minutes after the initial application.


How to use
Step 1 - Flip
Remove the ampoule from the paper protector. Flip it over and reinsert it back into the paper holder, exposing the brush tip.
Step 2 - Squeeze
Center the ampoule between thumb and index finger. Squeeze hard until the tube pops

Step 3 - Apply
Turn tube upside down and squeeze continually so that gel saturates the applicator brush. In a circular motion, rub gel onto teeth until it foams. There is no need to rinse, just spit the excess saliva out of your mouth and allow product to evaporate off the surface of your teeth.

Palgantong Make-up Theatrical Powder ($9)
MUST TRY!!! Last one!!!

Theatrical powder from Korea is made up of Ceramin ingredient from the UK. The size of particles is just half of the other particles. It reflects more light from your skin to even the tone with natural appearance.

Thin and comfortable, brightens your skin just like a Movie Star. Hence, it is also called “Star Powder” in Japan and Korea. Over these 10 years, this powder is commonly used in Korean Movies, TV programmes and dramas. Over 5,000,000 powders were sold in Japan, as No.1 loose powder in Japan.

Use the puff to get a suitable amount and press on the skin from the inner to outer direction. Apply evenly on skin.

Colour: Natural Beige (OB) - Only have 1 colour

Weight: 10g

Product comes with the sifter and puff.

Align Left

Liquid Rouge ($7) 2 more

Give this a try, this liquid rouge is similar to Benefit’s “Benetint”! It’s a liquid stain that that gives a sweet hint of colour to cheeks and lips. Is waterproof. Made in Japan.

Colour: Powder Pink (Liquid is blood red in colour, will be pinkish when blended. Long-lasting colour.

Volume: 6ml (note that it's very small)

How to use: Use your finger tip to dot a little of the liquid onto your cheeks or lips. Then use your finger to blend the colour. Try a little first. Use more if needed.

It's pretty good. The whole trick is to just dab a little around your cheek before rubbing it in. If you just squeeze a whole lot out, you'll super regret it. It's pretty long lasting too. (: One thing I hate though, is how sensitive the bottle can be. Like, a little sqeeze and a lot of rouge comes out and it's super wasted.

This really works! Just have to sque
eze a teeeny bit amt, like a dot size and then its just enough to 'blush' one side. over squeezed and it'll be too red. One tube is enough for a very long time as you only need 2 drops per day!

  1. Do not use on wounded, itchy or eczema skin.
  2. Stop using if experience discomfort.
  3. Keep in a cool and dry place.
  4. Keep away from children.

Double Eyelid Glue ($7.50)

Product of Japan. Double eyelid glue helps to create “double eyelids” and give you bigger eyes! Glue upon application onto eyelids becomes transparent and UNnoticeable.

Can be use as glue for fake lashes as well. One bottle can last for about 2 months if used everyday. Double eyelid will naturally form after some time.

-Very sticky indeed and holds the lids well.

-easy to use and great holding power. the double eyelids look natural for the whole day. go easy on the amount though.

How to use:

  1. Before makeup, wash the eye area clean. Facing a mirror, close one eye and use the little brush to apply the glue at the eyelid position where you would like your double eyelid to appear.
  2. After 5 to 10 seconds, the glue will start to harden. Then open your eyes big and wide without blinking for 5 – 10 secs so that the glue can solidify giving you’re a very natural and perfect line.
  3. If line is not clear or drooping, please re-apply.
  4. Do not rub your eyes in an attempt to remove the glue. Always use water or makeup remover to remove gently.
  5. Always cap the bottle after every use.
  6. May not be used to it when you first start using, but will get the hang of it after a while. =)

Comes with chinese instrustion booklet, a fork and the glue itself(with a brush tip).
BUY TWO AT $13.90~!!

2 way stick at $8
2-in-1 blackhead remover stick cum tweezer. Product from Japan. Has been ranked 1st on one of the beauty sites for 16 weeks running. Worth a try! ^^

EPI Stick from Japan ($6)

A facial hair removal stick from Japan. It
removes facial hairs so your skin will be smoother and less clogged up. Selling for SG$19 on other Jap website.

Promoted by the taiwanese show - 女人我最大

Removes your hair from the root making face smoother

More effective than a razor blade

It can be used for the whole face but Pls do not use it on your eyebrows!
Note: I am only spree-ing for the 20cm one.
How to use - bend it in half, twist it outwards (follow the arrow directions) while moving up.

Slimming Girdle from France ($12)
Comes in 2 kinds - Hot & Cold.
Selling really fast.

With this, u dont have to do exercise nor go on diet to achieve slim figure.

HELPS TO SLIM DOWN ALL THOSE BODY PARTS WITH STUBBORN FATS.(Arms, thighs, tummy). Use the slimming wrap for 30 - 45 mins to see immediate result!


The COLD one tightens the skin - The girdle is soak in special formula that make your body temperature drop to 35 celsius. Our body will force the body fats to burn off the calories to maintain the body temperature at 36 celsius and thus firming the body without having to exercise. Please take note the coldness is not everyone can take it.. But for the sake of slimming down, Must ENDURE!!!

BOTH equally effective..

The HOT one--Burns fat & reduces swollenness. Stimulates the cells & increases metabolism. Helps to get rid of excess water that is retained in our body. Increases body ability to break down sugar, decreases the chance of carbohydrates turning into fats.

1) Use it after shower or wipe those part that you want to slim down with warm towel
2) Wrap those body part that you wish to slim down with the slimming girdle (1-2layers)
3)Cover with Mircowave plastic wrap to secure it
4)Leave it for 30-45mins
5)After removing, massage with the remaining essence
6)Use a warm towel to wipe the body part. (Optional)

Length: for tummy and both arms/thighs
This product will not cause any side effect...

PLease read
The burning may be too hot for some!! If it is too burning for your skin, put it on for about max 30 mins and use a warm cloth to wipe and put around the area you used it on. And also remb to wash your hand super cleanly, cause the chilli essence in the wrap is not easily washed off and can cause pain if contacted with your eyes.

Some review...
Its great! I only left it on for like 10min before i felt this burning sensation, its hot but still bearable,before i use..i measure my lower thigh..its 17 inch, after using measure again..It went down by an inch!

Dont try if you cannot tolerated pain. Burning sensation last 12 hours. But very very visible results. The first time I did it, I put it on for only 10 mins and I lost 1/2 inch.

Rice Soap.. (left one only)
The all-natural Enjoy Your Rice Day soap Gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow with moisturizing effects of rice.
1. Rice bran oil extracted from 500g rice, softening and smoothening skin.
2. Ideal combination of palm and palm kernel oil; 100% pure herbal extracts.

Palm oil, palm kernel oil, rice bran oil.

※ Ingredients making up rice extracts
- Whitening: Vitamin A, iron, and minerals guarantee an even, glowing complexion, making dull skin radiant and beautiful.
- Fatty acids: Quality fatty acids including oleic acid and linoleic acid protect skin from ultraviolet rays.
- Antioxidants: Vitamin E, oryzanol, and tocotrienols suppress the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and prevent damage to membrane, lipid peroxidation, and aging.
Pore Concealing Powder Cake ($11 )
Only left the blue ones

Product of Japan. With just a light brush of the powder, your large pores, pockmarks, blemishes will be covered. This powder can also aid in oil absorption. Small in design able to carried around with convenience, this product also comes with an attached mirror. An additional powder cake is given~!!

Weight: 4.8g (Powder Cake), includes mirror and powder puff.

Blue – Suitable for fairer skin types or those with red undertones. Gives a radiant look. The specially added natural sea salts extract enable skin to better retain moisture. Good for sensitive skin as well.

Pink – Suitable for yellow-undertones, cover pores and gives a natural fresh-faced feel. The specially added natural honey peach extract gives a rosy and glowing look.

Special Qualities:
Made up of ultra-micro powder granules, this product enables your make-up to stay on longer and is able to make your make-up look smoother as it helps to cover up the blemishes, scars, etc. Suitable for sensitive skin as well.

How to use: After make-up, pat on areas that are easily oily. Works like a finishing powder. Remove with normal make-up cleansing lotion.

Take note:

1. Please avoid using on wounds, eczema, and inflamed skin.

2. Please stop using immediately if you feel uncomfortable or if skin irritation occurs.

3. If product accidentally gets into eyes, use water to wash and see a doctor immediately. Do not rub.

Monplay Eyelash Tonic ($9)

After using mascaras and eye glitters on your eye lashes for most of the time, it's about time to pamper your eyelashes! Monplay eyelash tonic helps to nourish your eye lashes. Can be used as a base before putting on your mascara so that while you look pretty, your eye lashes are also being taken care of. The tonic also help to maintain your curl of ur lashes. Healthy eye lashes tend to grow faster! ^^

    Volume: 10ml.

    Monplay Concealer from Germany


Monplay is a German brand with a long history.

Work like a eraser to hide your dark circle and other skin problems (blemishes and skin redness). It is waterproof and makes your make-up last longer too.

This concealer is made up with vitamin C & E (has anti-oxidising properties); effectively protects the skin against free radicals and prevents premature ageing. Passed skin, eye & sensitivity tests. Doesn't have any added fragrances :)

Soothes and protects skin while camouflaging problem facial areas as it contains vitamine E and other moisturizing substance.

Flawless application will not crease when blended properly.

Soft, creamy and silky application feeling.

Face roller @ $6

It aids in blood circulation.

Help to slim down your face...

Blackhead remover ($6)

Gently removes dirt and dust from your pores. Say goodbye to enlarged pores and blackheads! Blackhead-remover Brush help to clean up the dirt in pores and to prevent it from enlarging.

Manufactured using the newest anti-bacterial material. (Best-selling product in the
Taiwan market)

How to use:
Use water to moisten your skin, and then apply normal facial cleanser to your whole face. After that, use the brush to gently scrub the nose area. Cleanse with water. Is that easy...

Very good product! No more strawberry nose .. It doesn't hurt when you uses it .. Will recommend to my friends..

Shimmering Eye Glitter ($7)
- left bronze(1st one in the pic) only
♦ Comes with an application brush tip. Not the mascara kind.

Before and after

Dries very fast and is long-lasting! Use it directly on upper or lower eyelids or even put a dab onto your eyelashes for that added shimmer.

Volume: 8ml

♦ Can be used on eyelashes as shown in the picture below.

Shimmering crayon eye liner


For bigger and brighter eyes

Review:The eyeliner is abit thick and oily. But it does gave a nice shimmering effects.

Nose clipper ($5.90) SOLD OUT

Some beauty product proudly brought to you by shopcrazy
Stay pretty with us~!!

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