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Thursday, April 16, 2009, 9:15 PM
My Love For Shopping...

Clearing Some ready stock for Contact lens
-GEO Angel brown 275/325
-GEO Nudy brown 0 degree
-Dueba DM11 275/150
-GNG BT brown 2 tone 0 degree
-GEO Angel grey 300 /300
brown 2 tone 150/150
-Dueba MX21 blue 0 degree

Cheap cheap sale..
GEO at $20
DUEBA/GNG at $32

Introducing (ready stock)

The contact lens cleansing machine


Compact Lens machine with mirror,
'thongs' & 2 lens case.(battery not provided)

Dimension of case: 8 by 6.5 by 2.5cm
Compact,Portable & Stylish.

No more worries about accidentally tearing you lenses whilst washing them!

How it works!

-Fill the contact lens case (included) with your usual saline solution or multi purpose solution.
-Use the soft tweezers (included) and put contact lens into the case that has the saline solution.
-Fit the case into the machine and press the ON button, leave it for 3-5 minutes.
-Remove the lens and soak them again in fresh saline solution for 10 minutes.

*If u r using yearly lens, please use protein pill every 1,2 weeks.

lenses will thus stay cleaner and last longer this way.
Remove protein and other contaminants thoroughly in just 3 minute!
Quick, clean, beneficial, and comfortable !!
Reduce eye infection by 80%!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009, 5:48 AM
Sale... My Love For Shopping...

All items are brand new!!
5% discount off the clothing

All instocks..No waiting time needed
CODE: [[A020]]

Satin sparkly dress

bustline : 80-90cm ; length : 82cm ;
sleeve length : 15cm
(made of smooth satin & sparkly black trim material)
PRICE: $20

CODE: [[A019]]

One-piece top with the white strap to tie at the back like a halter-neck

CODE: [[A019]]

Selling the yellow top

CODE: [[A018]]


CODE: [[A017]]

Selling the grey SKIRT

CODE: [[A016]]
Price: $27.90
Include inner piece


Price: $28.00
Length: 26inches
Bustline: 34inches
Waistline: 31inches
Bottom width: 17inches


Price: $17.90

CODE: [[A013]]

Price: $25.90
Left RED only

CODE: [[A012]]

Price: $17.90

CODE: [A011]

MODEL身材:155cm/40kg,32c 23 33,肩寬36cm
Shoulder: 35cm
Price: $25

CODE: [A010]

MODEL身材:165cm/43kg,32 25 34
Free size
Price: $23.90

CODE: [[A009]]

Price: $28

Golden Rings Halter Princess Dress
($29.90 with postage)

Free size
length: 80cm
chest:26-36cm (stretchable)

MODEL身材:165cm/43kg,32 25 34

Fake two-piece office top ($23.90)

MODEL身材:155cm/40kg,32c 23 33,肩寬36cm

Sweet Chiffon Ladies tee

Without inner piece..
Abit translucent..
Left black only :(

Fake 2 piece cardigan top (white)

From Korea- Very good quality
*Button at sleeve area to adjust sleeve length

Mermaid tee selling at $16 only
Both Green and Yellow available

Unique razor-back at $20..

Razor-back with pretty laces below
Best for layering

Ribbon halter-neck at $22..

Can wear in two ways..
Suitable for Small size
Can match skirt or jean
The pretty polka dots ribbon makes it stands out from the rest!!

Super GIRL tee selling at $19.90

It's fun and cute yet stylish~!!

Cute Pink deer white top ($24)

Number on hand (1/3 qty)
Furry touch of the deer
Sleeves length is 16cm,Length:58cm
Chest:40cm, Shoulder: 31cm
Material : cotton

MODEL身材:155cm/40kg,32c 23 33,肩寬36cm

White bear top with hood ($27)

White only..
Measurements in (cm)
Bust Shoulder Length
38 34 57
Sleeve Length Sleeve Width
15 18

V neck Spag ($22)

left pink only~!!
Free size

length: 56cm
Chest:34cm ,

155cm 41kg 32b 25 34肩寬36公分

Please note that all the apparels sold here are BRAND NEW..


Tuesday, December 30, 2008, 3:36 AM
GNG and Dueba lens My Love For Shopping...

ALL lens spree is now closed...

*Shopping times will no longer be selling contact lenses anymore. MOH has issue a warning letter.. I shall not take any risk.

I will refund all the money for DUEBA spree

Monday, December 22, 2008, 7:01 AM
My Love For Shopping...

Pre-order items

Gain weight during CNY? Dun worry, lose all those fats NOW!!

10 pieces per box
Moisturises and tightens eye area, reduces wrinkles and lighten black eye circles.

Place the mask onto cleansed eye area for approximately 15 - 20 minutes. For a more refreshing feel, put the masks in the fridge before using.

Purified cotton

Cucumber, pomegranate, vitamin C, vitamin E, seaweed extract etc



Slimming Patch by XIAO S for LAZY ppl

Hassle-free method of slimming down by drawing out toxins and fats.
Placed the patch below your belly daily before sleeping and remove it in the morning.

$2.50 per piece

Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder

Highly recommended by 女人我最大
View video here and here

Sprinkle a small amount of powder onto your palms and style your hair.



Black Slimming Socks
It is made up mainly of natural germanium, titanium and silver particles through a unique pressurised method which will reduce 377 calories while wearing it and walking for 60 minutes.

These socks make use of a special textile fiber pressure to help girls slim their legs. There are several rows of special threading weaves to control the fats accumulation and it feels just like a normal pair of socks.
Recommended by Jolin Tsai

22.0 to 24.5cm


Calorie Off Massage Shaper - Arms / Thighs

This massage shaper is specially designed to help you burn calories and shape your designated area through the massaging effect caused by friction while wearing it. The embossing design creates friction through daily movement, massages skin and releases fat at the designated area.


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